I design brand communications and develop strategies for clients to enable them to get their message across in an engaging and impactful way. For over ten years I’ve worked with clients across the financial, education, arts, sports, not for profit, retail, information technology and tourism sectors. You will see my work in the brands of Davy, Celtic Whiskey Shop, Ergo, taxback.com, Self Help Africa, greenstar (waste management), Waterways Ireland, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Irish Humanities Alliance to name a few. I enjoy working with clients who bring energy and a rigorous ambition to the project, and who are willing to keep an open mind until the final solution has been reached. 

Photo of Alan Davis


My approach

My approach to every project is simple: Research > Understand > Design > Implement. I begin by asking questions about you the client, your business and the arena you operate in. I interrogate the brief and get to the bottom of what is needed, and uncover any opportunities which may lie within. Only when I have developed a deep understanding of the project requirements and aspirations, will I then respond with design options. I will focus the design until a robust and exciting solution emerges. A successful outcome relies upon visually crafting the message with simultaneous attention to both the details and to the bigger picture, combining good typography with imagery and a clear sense of the project identity. Finally I will implement the artwork in a way which will reproduce perfectly, and can easily be taken and interpreted by your suppliers or printers, and also by other designers.

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