Davy Investing Insights

Investing Insights is an investing white paper published by Davy. Each issue focusses upon a particular aspect of, or sector within the financial markets. To date three issues have been published; the first focussed on 'Thematic Investing', the second on 'Technology' and the third on 'Housing'. I was commissioned by the marketing team at Davy to design each of the first three issues. The key requirement of the design was that it would enlighten its readership, regardless of their level of knowledge or investing experience. This was achieved through a combination of imagery and info graphics which brings the particular market focus to life in an engaging way. 

We have worked with Alan for a number of years and he continues to produce excellent pieces of communication, on brand, on time and on budget. His knowledge of our brand means that we can trust him to meet the brief for our regular insight publications, product brochures and ad-hoc direct mail pieces.

Cormac Kehoe
Marketing Communications Manager, Davy