FlowForma visual identity

FlowForma is a workflow and process management application, designed to help administrative teams in large organisations and companies manage their form filling processes. Developed on the Microsoft SharePoint platform by Irish IT firm Ergo, I was commissioned to carry out an identity definition, and subsequently to design a visual identity and website to support the sales and promotion of FlowForma. The key challenge of this project was to create a visual identity which felt at home within the technology sector, yet which clearly distinguished FlowForma from its competitors by expressing the unique functionality of the product. As part of the identity definition, I developed the product tagline 'Effortless Process Management' and designed a visual identity system which incorporated a typographic logotype, and other supporting visual elements such as a wave-flow embellishment which gave visual expression to the concept of multiple flow management which lies at the heart of the product. The visual identity was brought to life in the FlowForma website which I designed for both mobile and desktop devices, and also in a range of stationery and printed collateral. Visit www.flowforma.com to find out more. 

I found working with Alan on our FlowForma branding project was a very productive and engaging experience. Alan brought a fresh and modern perspective to our visual identity exercise. I would be very comfortable recommending Alan to clients and colleagues alike.

Neil Young
Head of Product Development, FlowForma