Irish Humanities Alliance visual identity and website

The Irish Humanities Alliance is a joint initiative of humanities researchers within higher education and research institutions across Ireland. Its aim is to generate public awareness of the importance of humanities teaching and research in Ireland. I was selected to create a new visual identity and website for the alliance. The solution needed to capture in a single image Ireland's rich heritage and legacy within the field of the humanities, in a way which would be acceptable to every member of the alliance regardless of their particular field of interest and study. An Breadán Feasa (or Salmon of Knowledge) was chosen as the story upon which the logotype was developed. In the story Fionn Mac Cumhaill burns his finger on the magical Salmon of Knowledge thus transferring the wisdom of the world to the young warrior. The logotype centres around a symbol of the jumping salmon upon which a human fingerprint has been imprinted. It evokes Irish heritage and culture, alongside the concept of the transfer of knowledge or wisdom - which reflects the activities of the alliance. A new adaptive website was designed to coincide with the launch of the alliance. The website lists details of upcoming humanities events across Ireland such as workshops and lectures, and also provides a repository of relevant humanities publications and podcasts. Visit to see the website. 

We could not recommend Alan Davis and his team higher enough. Ensuring the highest standards was of paramount importance to him and this was reflected throughout the process: considerable time and effort was spent conceptualising the visual design, in creating the website functionality we wanted, and in finessing the designs after completion. We were delighted with the final product, and the level of custom service was truly exceptional.

Dr Aoibhín De Búrca
Communications Manager, Irish Humanities Alliance