Irish Museums Association Annual Conference 2010

Each year the IMA (Irish Museums Association) organises its annual conference at a different location in Ireland. The 2010 conference was held in Killarney, Co. Kerry and I was commissioned to design the conference invitation. The key challenge of this project was the limited production budget. With this in mind I designed the document to be printed from a single A4 piece of paper on a distinctive salmon coloured paper stock. This was then over printed in two spot colours (black and purple). The invitation design incorporated a palette of heraldic symbols which related to the conference location in Killarney. The overlapping diamond shapes represent the lakes of Killarney, the stag represents the flora and fauna of Killarney National Park and the cross quills represent the historical, literary, academic and musical heritage of the area. The colour purple represents the church, the cathedral and the bishops of the area.