UCD Science Expression

UCD Science Expression was set up by UCD Research and Innovation in 2013 to bring Science to the public and the wider academic community through the language of Film. The first UCD Science Expression Science+Film festival took place over the last weekend of October 2013 at various venues across Dublin, and since then there have been ongoing UCD Science Expression events and screenings through Dublin. I was commissioned by the team at UCD Research and Innovation to design a visual identity and website for this initiative  The challenge lay in the fact that no single image can be understood to represent the entire scope of Science. The diversity of imagery generated by science is a wonderfully immense and diverse portfolio of images; from macro images of constellations and galaxies, to micro images of living cells and particles. I constructed the logotype as a three-cornered window through which those images could be projected. The space created between the three corners of this triangle opens up a space for interaction between Science, Film and the public. A visual identity was constructed around this logotype, and an adaptive website was designed to both promote upcoming events and ongoing UCD Science Expression Projects. The website also aims to connect the scientists and film makers at the heart of UCD Science Expression with each other and the wider public. To view the UCD Science Expression website visit www.ucdscienceexpression.ie. The identity was subsequently rolled out across a range of social media banners, adverts and email marketing communications.