In a world where large enterprise project failure can lead to massive financial losses and reputation damage, GoPredict helped project owners to course correct before catastrophe struck.🧭
What I worked on: 
Product brand
UX research
Workshop facilitation
I was tasked with defining the product brand, auditing the existing alpha product and improving the user experience.
A brand toolkit to put everyone on the same page
To begin I facilitated brand and naming workshops with the Galvia team and some of their trusted clients to define the brand proposition, purpose and personality. The outputs were designed and shared in a brand toolkit of graphic assets and house styles, to help the product and marketing teams to produce consistent user experiences and communications across all channels. 
Usability tests to learn about users experience
I then designed and led a team to moderate a series of usability tests with users to learn what it felt like to use the product. Using synthetic data which related to their field of work, we recruited tests candidates from across the client organisation. 
Finally I facilitated an affinity workshop (using KJ method) to review and make sense of the test findings. We discovered some positive experiences, however there were multiple pain points along the user journey. It was a real eye-opener for the product stakeholders, some of whom were witnessing the product in the wild for the first time. 
It was agreed that there was a mis-match between the users mental models, and the alpha product, which led to big questions being raised about the viability of the product. Following much discussion and debate Galvia decided to pivot the business, to focus on a different use case for their AI solutions. 
Special shoutouts: 
Eimear O'Sullivan (Brand designer and facilitator)
Laura Pittoni (UX designer and facilitator)
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