Myself included, many of us would admit to being unprepared for the big life events which inevitably happen; e.g. births, deaths, marriages or caring for a loved one. Apiary supports people through these events, with expert advice and valuable resources.
I was brought onboard to work alongside the development team to improve the product user experience and prepare for launch.
What I worked on: 
Content design
User flow maps
UI system
UX research
Competitor benchmarking
Information Architecture
Maps for better product discussions
To begin, I needed to become immersed in the product, to undertand how we got to where we were and where we were going with it. Early discussions were proving difficult as there was no documentation of a macro-level overview. I designer a ucer flow map to help during discussions about features, pages and interactions. As a result design and dev discussions become more focussed and les time consuming. 
Preparing for life events without the overwhelm
With a library of helpful tips and advice on what to do during a life event, it was widely acknowledged that whilst this was indeed valuable content, if presented in the wrong way could lead to user overwhelm and potentially cause a mass exodus. I reviewed the library and organised it into a content system of over 700 to-do items for users, which were written in a consistent format and tone of voice. I then designed an attractive and intuitive user interface to help users to get through the lists, one tick-box at a time. 
Quicker design iteration
The greatest benefit of this project was the time saved in the design process. I created a design system of UI patterns including colour palettes, type styles, icons, navigation components and button styles within Figma. Designs can now be progressed from idea to prototype and handed over to development teams in a fraction of the time it had taken. 
Special shoutout: 
Ailín Tobin (Product Lead, Apiary Life)
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